Jan 072015

picThe next Manifest is just four days away, this Sunday evening the 11th at WORM. A few days ago we met Oana Clitan, one of the people who will be ‘showing and telling’ an animation they love. Next up, animator and editor Rowena Crowe!

Rowena is Australian and has been living in the Netherlands for quite a few years. She has a background in editing and does a fair amount of teaching editing as well.  But in 2013 she graduated from the MA of Animation at St Joost in Breda.  Her graduation project was a lovely animated short based on found audio recording called If We Were Together, which premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam last year. Watch the film in full here:

If We Were Together from Rowena Crowe on Vimeo.

Rowena also has a nice short Making Of where she shows the rotoscoping process that went into the film:

If We Were Together rotoscoping breakdown from Rowena Crowe on Vimeo.

From Rowena: “I believe collaboration is key when filmmaking and am naturally drawn to telling both big and small human stories with heart, humour and cinematic flare.  I have a Master of Art in documentary editing and in animation. I occasionally give workshops and consult on editing internationally. Letter Tape a short animation I made about a love letter my mother recorded to my father in London in 1957 has screened at international film festivals such as DOK Leipzig, Sydney Film Festival, and The Edinburgh International Film Festival.  If We Were Together is the second film I have made on found sound it had it’s world premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2014.”
And here is a cute video where Rowena explains a bit more about her editing as well as animation activities:

About Me: Rowena Crowe editor and animator from Rowena Crowe on Vimeo.

I see Rowena’s love for cinematic language come across clearly in her own animated work. Just look at those camera angles and shots! I have a sneaking suspicion that her passion for cinema will come across in the animation she chooses to present on Sunday. Intriguing!

Come to find out what she will present: Sunday, Jan 11th, doors open at 20:00, 20:30 start, WORM. Facebook event, Facebook Fan Page, details on the website for you non-Facebookers, and monthly e-newsletter.

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