Oct 132014

Natali_Profile A few days ago we met Peter Aquino who will be presenting at the first Manifest event in just 3 days! Next up, Natali Voorthuis:

“Natali Voorthuis is a freelance animator and illustrator based in Rotterdam. She has made animations for clients like NTR’s Clipphanger, De Wereld Draait Door and a videoclip for the Dutch band The Kik. Her website is www.gotonat.com.”

I first met Natali through the 2 Minute Movies Meet Up group and I was immediately impressed by the music video she made for The Kik. She is truly a TVPaint master! Watch the video below, and come to Manifest to find out what she will present! Hint, it was made a French animator/illustrator in 2012 and has to do with speed dating.


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