Nov 142014
Martijn Koolstra

Martijn Koolstra

The first Manifest event was such a success, we decided to do another one! Well, actually they were always conceived as regular events, but it was nice to see that the idea was well-received. The next event is on Thursday, November 27th, also at Roodkapje. Doors open at 20:00, event starts promptly at 20:30. For the Facebookers out there, here is the FB event.

Let’s meet one of the presenters at the next event! This is what he has to say about himself:

“In 2003 I graduated from the Royal Academy of the Visual Arts, Music and Dance in the direction Autonomous Visual Arts (BA). I now live and work in Rotterdam. I get inspiration from outdoor on-the-spot drawing and since the academy filming, and to observe and describe my surroundings i have developed slowly but steadily into animation, painting, and sculpture.
As themes i could say (urban) landscape and social reality are always there.”

As you can see Martijn Koolstra has a fine art background, and has recently been adding animation to his practice. In 2011 he made a one minute film which was accepted into The One Minutes competition. It’s called ‘Buite’ and you can watch it here. But I actually find more intriguing these two studies Martijn has on his vimeo page: one of a girl going up a ladder, and the other, a view of a changing backyard. In the first I really like the overlapping drawings – ‘Nude Descending a Staircase’, anyone? And in the second I really like this fixed, architectural camera angle. You don’t really expect to see anything moving with such an angle, and when it does, it’s surprising. Watch both below.

Come to Manifest to find out what Martijn will share – hint, it’s from a Dutch animator/artist known for his fake documentaries who makes a lot of work based on the body.

trap from martijnbeelden on Vimeo.

the universe seeks closure from martijnbeelden on Vimeo.

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