Nov 252014

pictureSo far we’ve met two of the volunteer presenters that will share animation at the next Manifest (Thurs, Nov 27th, FREE! FB event): Martijn Koolstra and Ruud Terhaag. Last but not least, Laura Dumitru!

“Laura Dumitru is motion graphics designer with a particular passion for colourful things and 2D animation. She was born and raised in Bucharest (Romania), where she studied a bachelor in Graphic Design.  In 2011, she dived into the world of animation while studying a Master at AKV St. Joost in Breda. Right now she’s been working as a freelancer for almost a year and a half and when she’s not animating on commercial projects or her own little thoughts, she enjoys sports, looking at the stars, baking cakes or discovering new territories.”

Basically, Laura is a really talented animator with a lot of commissioned work under her belt, and you can see a lot of that on her website here. But actually, I really want you to watch her incredibly charming and absurd graduation film called Muffins. So here it is, enjoy! And come on Thursday to find out what she will show & tell!

Muffins from Laura Dumitru on Vimeo.

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