Oct 142014

jeroen3 So far we’ve met Peter Aquino and Natali Voorthuis, who will be ‘showing and telling’ on Thursday at Manifest. Next up, Jeroen Koffeman:

Jeroen Koffeman (1990) always loved drawing and animation. As a child, when asked what he  wanted to be when he grew up, he always replied: ‘filmTekenaar’, Dutch for something like ‘film illustrator’. For him animation is a way to manifest his visually imaginative mind. His fascination is with creating emerging worlds, characters and movement that will capture the attention and amuse the audience.  He is also inspired by blending analog and digital techniques.

Jeroen studied the Bachelor of Animation at Utrecht School of the Arts and did an internship with Studio Rosto where he worked on Monster of Nix (2011).  He recently graduated from the Master of Animation course at AKV St Joost. Jeroen now works as a 2d- 3d- and effects and character animator under the name of KoffCreative.”

I of course first met Jeroen our first day of class at AKV St Joost, as we both did the MA of Animation course, graduating just a few months ago. I was instantly impressed with his attention to detail and perfectionism. For his graduation project he decided to put his sense of humour into practice by writing a funny short about a frog looking for love. Click here or the rig photo below to go to Jeroen’s production blog for the short, where he goes into great detail about how he made it. And watch the final short below! Come to the first Manifest event to find out what Jeroen will be presenting. Hint: It is a short made a few years ago, but is sadly more relevant than ever and uses a modified version of a well-known American folk song.

Frog rig, photo courtesy of Jeroen Koffeman

Frog rig, photo courtesy of Jeroen Koffeman

Tree Frog: Lord Of the Flies from Jeroen Koffeman on Vimeo.

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