Dec 192014

The Manifest poster designer is currently enjoying her holiday, but before leaving she kindly made us the January poster! Thank you Oana Clitan!

This edition will be a regular animation edition, as opposed to the December event, which was a special animated movie title edition. This means you will have the chance to see any type of animation, from indie short films to music videos to animated projections or installations. Can you think of an animation you love, and didn’t create yourself? Contact about ‘showing and telling’ next month!

We are also trying out a new venue, WORM! Very centrally located, this might be more convenient for those of you who live in the south or the center. Also, notice it’s on a Sunday! And still free! See you there! And here is the FB event.

Poster design by Oana Clitan

Poster design by Oana Clitan

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