Oct 192011

Tess Martin’s travel blog:

I got back to Amsterdam on Tuesday from Groningen, after a 2.5 hour train ride. I checked in at my hotel near the venue (probably my one and only hotel stay on this entire trip), and made my way over to the EYE Film Institute. After checking in with the projectionist (we had already tested everything the previous day), I had dinner with two lovely Institute staff members, Peter and Sanne, both busy people with impressive responsibilities.

The event started at 7:30PM, and again people came! We had about 45 in a not very big cinema, so it looked pretty full. I got some nice questions about funding and distribution, how we use computers in our work, and what is it like to be a freelancer in the United States? Our Inter-Action program was followed by the documentary about Bruce Bickford called Monster Road, directed by Brett Ingram. I even met an animator who invited me to check out her studio. I hope to make it over there tomorrow.

A few more days in good old (now rainy) Amsterdam, and then I leave for Berlin on Friday morning. The next event is Sunday the 23rd at Lichtblick Kino!

The EYE Film Institute in Vondel Park. They are actually moviong next month into an ultra modern new building on the north side of the Ij, across the water from Central Station

One of the EYE's two cinemas

This is a video I took inside the projector room at EYE, when they were screening Eraserhead in the next door cinema. They use big ‘platters’ that hold the one giant spool (already spliced together).




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