Oct 052011

One of the venues in Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Anita (Sun Oct 16), will now be screening an alternate program of films by SEAT filmmakers. This new program includes an excerpt from Bruce Bickford’s CAS’L’, a clay animated film he started in 1988:


1. Britta Johnson, Two Dots, 4:39 (2009)
Marbles illustrate the subtle math of a relationship in this video made for Lusine’s song ‘Two Dots.’ Marbles, dental floss and wax animated frame by frame.


2. Aaron Wendel, Bric-a-Brac, 1:55 (2010)
A collection of keys, coins, and other junk-drawer objects, rendered by crayon rubbings to form a cast of characters.


3. Amanda Moore, Bridging Wounds, 5:00 (2009)
A whimsical exploration of the lives of strangers told through silhouette puppet animation.


4. Drew Christie, Empress of the North, 4:00, (2010)
Animated by local artist Drew Christie, this video for “Empress of the North” for the band Moondoggies tells the story of a man losing something, finding it again, and then.. well.. you’ll see. Watercolor on paper.


5. Tess Martin, A Moment’s Reverie, 10:15, (2007)
The letters in a book come alive and trigger a journey through thoughts and dreams. Made with tissue paper cut-outs on a light-box.


6. Clyde Petersen, The Dirty Street, 4:44, (2010)
A found footage film, recut, projected and rephotographed using the “Hipstamatic” app for IPhone one frame at a time. Music by Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death. Footage: “Jealousy” – a Prelinger Archives film from the Series, Marriage for Moderns. (1954)


7.Sarah Jane Lapp, Chronicles of an Asthmatic Stripper, 5:02 (2002)
A day in the life of a worker whose every inhalation is both occupation and liberation. M
ade in collaboration with Mark Dresser. India ink, wax, and gouache on paper.

8. Salise Hughes, Somewhere, 4:00 (2010)
Somewhere between a 1950s sock hop and the Wild West, a Technicolor and Black and White pair of lovers meet to belt out a tune from “West Side Story.” Found footage manipulated frame by frame.


9. Stefan Gruber, Petting Zoo 1&2, 8:00 (2008)
Bottle-headed men are investigated in their haunt, an abandoned zoo. Animals trapped in their globular cages, are left in the care of their hollow and fragile captors. A potential liberator drifts into town. What plans are behind his ever widening stare? Hand-animated in Flash.


10. Bruce Bickford, CAS’L’, 10:00 excerpt from 46min film (2011)
CAS’L’ is an elusive place usually found only accidentally, though it is sometimes obvious. It has manifold manifestations in its many levels above and below ground. The animation for CAS’L’ started in 1988 and was finished in 1997. It has only recently been completed with an audio track.


Total running time: 52:45

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