Oct 172011

Tess Martin’s travel blog – Sunday Oct 16th:

I arrived in Amsterdam after a few lovely days at a friend’s place in The Hague. De Nieuwe Anita is a funky venue near the Jordaan neighborhood of the city with lots of space – they have a large circular bar in the front room that doubles as a live music stage some nights, with lots of couches. The presentation space is down some stairs and can be used for live music as well as movies. This screening was a slightly different program from the regular Inter-Action program, and functioned as a Part I to the EYE Film Institute screening (also in Amsterdam) on Tuesday. The screening room got pretty full of people, only 1 of whom was a friend of mine! Some interesting questions after as well. I totally blanked on taking pictures this time, so these below are not mine but from the internets. Tonight (the 17th) is the VERA screening in Groningen!


De Nieuwe Anita

De Nieuwe Anita bar area


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