Apr 052014
Still from Gaijin/The Foreigner

Still from Gaijin/The Foreigner

Next time you’re passing by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation near the Seattle Center on 5th Avenue, either in a car, by foot or by bike, lift your eyes up to their new Digital Art Display. One of my shorts is screening there! It’s called Gaijin/The Foreigner, and is a cut-out animation made on a lightbox while in Japan back in 2006. I used food packaging and junk mail to depict a city street and a chameleon-like character’s journey of change.

Why has the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started a Digital Art Display? Here is their mission statement:
“The Art Program coordinates an ensemble of exterior and interior artworks that reveal the creative spirit inherent to global cultures and the value the foundation places on innovation, education, and community. Selected displayed works enhance public and administrative spaces, providing opportunities for reflection and increased awareness of the foundation’s mission through the myriad artistic voices of our world.”

My short can be seen from April 1 to June 30, alongside 4 other shorts, including fellow SEAT member Webster Crowell‘s short Parasol, part of the Inter-Action touring program of 2011. See the full line up and more info in this article. Thank you also to 4Culture, for proposing my short from their e4c catalog.


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