Oct 262017

My graduation film The Lost Mariner will be screening at a very special event: the Worlding the Brain Symposium at the University of Amsterdam on November 2nd. This is a series of multi-disciplinary encounters of science, art and the humanities and is organized by the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis Research Group Neuroaesthetics and Neurocultures:

“Besides our keynote addresses we will host multi-disciplinary panels and invite artists, (cognitive) neuroscientists, health workers and humanities scholars of all kinds to engage in paper presentations, dialogues, performances and artistic work. Our aim is to meet and learn from our different perspectives on the complexity of our embodied, enworlded and affective brains, and start new collaborations. ”

My film (which is based on a real case study of a man with Korsakov’s Syndrome) will be screened at the end of the first day, at 17:15, after the keynote address and before the drinks. I look forward to attending the panels throughout the day on Thursday and seeing what possibilities arise.

Thank you to Prof. Patricia Pisters for inviting me and to Dr. Tycho Hoogland for facilitating.

Still from The Lost Mariner

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