Oct 072014
Still from Mario

Still from Mario

So proud that my paint on glass short Mario won the juried short film prize at the Local Sightings Film Festival in Seattle. The jurors were Kristen Fitzpatrick, Director of Public Exhibition and Acquisitions for Women Make Movies; Maximón Monihan, Filmmaker; and Richard Herskowitz, Director of Cinema Pacific and Artistic Director of the Houston Cinema Arts Society. They said about Mario:

“While there were strengths in all of the films, we instantly agreed on the winning films in the short and feature categories. Starting with a WWI folk song and then finding the perfect classical stop-motion technique to complement it, our [short film] selection offered a perfect marriage of form and content. The animator’s mastery of her craft is undeniable.”

The Best Short Film prize comes with $250 in cash and $250 in services. Thanks NWFF!
And since I was not able to attend the awards ceremony I included this thank you note:

“The Local Sightings Film Festival was one of the first festivals to show some of my short films, and I immediately felt honored to be included in the impressive line up. I’m so glad my animations have found a home there over the years. Independent animation like mine, that is not necessarily made for children and falls a little outside the traditional storytelling structure, often falls through the cracks at festivals.  But Local Sightings has consistently shown their support for auteur animation. This prize for ‘Mario’ is a real honor, thank you.”

This short was made possible by an Individual Artist grant from 4Culture. Read the full press release about the awards here.


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