Mar 012015
Screenshot of the new global Manifest site

Screenshot of the new global Manifest site – thank you to Oana Clitan for our new logo!

It’s hard to believe that the first Manifest: Animation Show & Tell event was just five months ago, in October 2014, here in Rotterdam. Since then the events have evolved a little, we’ve learned a lot, and we’ve been greatly inspired by the dozen ‘show & tellers’ as well as the active audience members. I hope these events continue to be an inspiration and meeting point in this city, starting with the next event, Tuesday, March 24th.

In the mean time I thought it was time to take this mission global. I believe strongly that independent animation is the most inspiring art form out there, and that it also needs more champions. Wouldn’t it be great if other cities could adopt this Manifest concept and help foster a community of passionate animation lovers and makers?

So I started! For now the only city represented is Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where Manifest was born. But the site is designed so other organizers in other cities can receive a log in and post to their own section within the site. This takes away the burden of creating an online presence for their event, and allows them to use the URL

This service is completely free and I will send organizers a pdf with details about the Manifest format, tips and tricks for successful events, instructions for how to write posts, and templates for website-ready images. It’s all ready to go! Are you ready to take on the challenge? Email!

And Rotterdam Manifest fans, take note: All further announcements about Rotterdam events can be found at this URL:

But the Facebook event is still the same:

See you out there!

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