Feb 242015


I just got back last night from Animac, the International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia.  This festival takes place in the beautiful small town of Lleida, about 90 minutes west of Barcelona and I was attending with the music video I made last October, Lam 2: Red Hands, for the band Dark Hip Falls.

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I’m not sure how many years it’s been going (it might be more than ten?), but it seems to have established itself quite well. The main festival events take place in a beautiful modern building with two big auditoriums and a whole giant room dedicated to animation workshops sponsored by Spanish animation schools or institutes.

The shorts programming was solid and the films in this main building looked good, by and large (my short looked and sounded great in the big auditorium, and was repeated at a screening closer to the city center, where it looked OK). The festival also screened an interesting selection of animated features or long shorts like Rocks in My Pockets, Song of the Sea, Truth Has Fallen and Seth’s Dominion. The festival staff was always kind and approachable.












Most of the visiting guests were Spanish animators or small studios, but they did host three excellent international guests: animators Abi Feijo, Pierre Hebert and Piotr Dumala, all artists whose work I admire and it was a pleasure to get to meet them. Definitely consider submitting to this festival, especially if you have a chance of attending!


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