Dec 032013

Since I picked up my residence permit today at the IND office, after living here for three and a half months, I guess I’m officially qualified to lead a project drawing a map of Breda! My event is called Breda on My Mind and takes place on Dec 11th.

Today I picked up some giant 15mm markers from the Huis voor Beeldcultuur, and bought some more at the Deva art store. Unfortunately they only had a few left so I will have to go back and pick up the rest. I also bought some serving bowls for the snack table.


This evening I also met up with Dorien Eggink, a member of IDFX here in Breda, an art/film organization that puts on events and festivals. It was so nice to run my project by someone with production experience, and she pointed out that I will need four lights at each corner of the drawing if I want to avoid shadows cast by the participants. We also talked about potential ways of combining the timelapse and documentation footage – perhaps a split screen? Interesting possibilities to ponder.

Stay tuned for a new poster for the event!

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