Dec 122013

The event yesterday was really a lot of fun and I want to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who participated and especially to my trusty helpers, Marlin Meulman, Jeroen Koffeman, Lisan Peters, Isabelle Kniestedt, Samantha Williams and Stein de Bont! People came, there was nice music and snacky things, and a giant map was created!

The funnest part was watching people disagree over where things went. Also it seems Albert Heijn stores are great landmarks for people and these were often added in with logos. The final drawing is huge! I didn’t even measure it, but in the photos below you can get a sense for its size. It’s currently folded up in the Concierge storage room until I can figure out what to do with it.

Up next: editing together the time lapse video with all of the footage shot by Stein de Bont and Marlin Meulman. And there’s a lot! In the meantime, enjoy these photos taken by either Stein de Bont, Marlin Meulman, or myself:









This is a close up of the final map from the Go Pro camera


This is the full view from the Go Pro at the end of the event.

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