Dec 062013
St Joost building from the main road

St Joost building from the main road

I snapped this shot of the St Joost building on the way in this morning. Since the leaves have fallen you can see it much better from the main road. So if you’re planning to attend the Breda on My Mind event on Wednesday, this is what the building looks like! But also please look it up on google maps or 9292 because it is hard to find.

Today I borrowed some lights from my wonderful classmate Marieke Hollander! I neglected to photograph them, but they come with nice softboxes that will diffuse the light. Thank you Marieke!

This evening I created three ‘landmarks’ our of colored card. I made these really big because based on the test I carried out on Monday they will need to be this big to show up clearly on the GoPro camera:

Paper 'landmarks' - the station, the church and St Joost.

Paper ‘landmarks’ – the station, the church and St Joost.

I will put these on the paper at the beginning of the drawing session, in roughly the correct place in relation to each other. This is to give the participants a point of reference from which to start drawing, and also to give them a sense of scale of the city. The St Joost landmark (the brown building with lots of little segments) will be placed far from the other two, as the actual St Joost building is quite a ways south of the station and the church (the other two landmarks). And can you see the red dot? That’s the ‘You Are Here’ dot, because that’s where the project is taking place! Inside the St Joost atrium space.

You can also see how fat the new markers are that I bought – 15mm! These should be seen clearly from the ceiling.

Next up: a trip to Tilburg tomorrow to go to the Antoon de Jong art store to pick up some white laminating paper. This is to allow the participants to erase their drawing if they want to, and our art store in Breda was out!

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