Jan 142014

I’m happy to say that I’ve finished the Breda on My Mind videos for the House of Visual Culture here in Breda. In the end there are two videos – the main one is a combination of the time lapse photographs taken by the GoPro camera from above, and the documentation footage of the event. The second video is the time lapse footage by itself.


After consulting with the client I made some changes to the opening text of the main film. Now it reads: “Maps are one of the oldest forms of visual culture, and mapping is an act of visualization. What happens when you ask 35 people to draw their city from memory?”

Still from the Breda on My Mind video

Still from the Breda on My Mind video

I also changed the ‘in picture’ time lapse from the left side of the screen to the right. The client had an intuition that this would work better. I’ve since tried to do some research on whether it makes a difference if an in picture video is in the left or right corner of the screen. I have to admit I haven’t been able to find any research at all. I thought that maybe since in the West we read from left to right, it would be natural to have the in picture video on the left. But the flip side of this argument is that this might make the in picture video more distracting than intended, if we pay more attention to it there.

The only information I could find is that the picture-in-picture technique was first developed by television companies so viewers could watch two programs, or video sources, at once. It’s not really widespread, though, and it seems we mostly see picture-in-picture nowadays on the news. Here is a compilation of google image examples – it seems pretty evenly split between left and right, maybe a little more on the left. But for this video, it is probably better that it be on the right, to indicate that it should be the secondary, not primary focus of the video.


I also commissioned some music for the main video by a composer I’ve worked with before, Spencer Thun, now based in LA. And the music is awesome!


You will have the chance to see the videos both at the House of Visual Culture and the Museum of the Image in Breda on January 24, 2014, after 19:00, as part of the Cultuurnacht celebrations. At the first location you will also be able to see the other videos produced by my classmates for this project, and at the second location there is a chance you will get to see the actual map created for my video (it’s giant, though, so it is not certain yet that it will be on display).

I will post a link as soon as the videos are online!

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