Jan 012013
Vermont Studio Center

Vermont Studio Center

Happy New Year everyone! I’ll be spending most of January at the Vermont Studio Center artist residency in northern VT – in the village of Johnson, VT, near Burlington, to be exact.

I’m not there yet, so I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be like, but it will be a little different from the residency I undertook at I-Park in August/September. I-Park has seven artists at one time, while VSC has 50! I-Park only has maybe 5 buildings total, whereas VSC has a campus of 30 buildings. I-Park was pretty remote, while the VSC is imbedded in a small village that has a post office, art supply store, etc.

I’m looking forward to getting work done on three projects I have brewing – more details as they arise! After the residency I’ll be in Montreal for four days, for a screening of the Inter-Action program I curated last year. I haven’t been to Montreal in 10 years! Very much looking forward to that.

I’ll be posting updates here, perhaps once or twice a week. Enjoy the new year!

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