May 112013

Here is a video of snapshots of a few prints I worked on on Friday:

More printmaking experiments from Tess Martin on Vimeo.

The first experiment, with the circles simply appearing one after the other, I consider not very successful, because it is not taking advantage of the unique properties of the printmaking press. Really I could just paint circles on a piece of paper and achieve the same result, without needing the press at all.

But the second section is different. Here I was repainting the circle on the plate in between each printing, but also, instead of putting the plate back exactly where it was before, I would shift it just a little. This creates a ghost image of the previous circles, which fade with each printing.

In the third experiment I inked a piece of rolled up wire, and then stretched it out, reinked it, and shifted the plate between each printing. I still like the ghost trail in this one, though next time I think I’ll try to fatter and simpler string.

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