Feb 282017

Three months fly by when you are deep in research and concept development on a new project!
I arrived at the Open Workshop animation residency at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark at the start of December, and now I find myself on a train making my way slowly back to Rotterdam.
The residency is a great support to people working on their own animated short films, feature films, illustrations, graphic novels, and more. You are provided with a workspace and a place to live, and get the benefit of being surrounded by the inspiring and talented animation-focused atmosphere of The Animation Workshop institution.

One of the buildings of the Animation Workshop institute

During these three months I finished up my most recent short film (Ginevra) and developed a long-brewing project about neurological conditions, but mostly did research on and developed the concept for a new long project about a real-life physicist.

The wall of my space in Viborg

The multi-plane animation stand I helped build at the Open Workshop

Some of the cut-outs made for the physics project teaser

Unfortunately I can’t divulge much more details about the subject, but I can share some images of the work process, which resulted in the Open Workshop building their first multi-plane animation stand (I’m sure it will get great use by future residents!) and me finishing a one minute teaser trailer and a 2 minute Making Of video to explain the process.
I will be hopefully presenting this project at various pitching events and to potential funders over the next 6 months.

This residency is one of the only animation-specific residencies in the world, is international and has no age limit. I encourage all animators to apply!

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