Mar 312013

I’m happy to report that I have a new short film! It clocks in at one minute 23 seconds, and the talented composer I work with, Spencer Thun, just got me the final music. It was started at the Vermont Studio Center, where I undertook a month long artist residency in January.

We had life models available every morning, and I started doing life drawing for the first time since college. I came up with a concept for a short film where the life model is fighting the artist trying to draw him – fighting to stay moving. I brought my lightbox into the life drawing studio and drew some animated loops live while the life model took short consecutive poses for me. It took a good three hours and was the very last day of the residency! I then took these drawings back to Seattle, photographed them under lights, and added the rest of the scenes, which involve the artists’ hand in the frame. This is actually the first film I’ve done with hand-drawn animation!

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