Mar 012013

Bloodbath PosterV3_100dpi

Last year, myself and other members of SEAT, the Seattle Experimental Animation Team, collaborated for the first time on a collective film done in the ‘exquisite corpse’ style. You can watch the results here. This year we’re doing it again! This time, the film will be based on a real movie – the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors.

Eight animators (including myself) are retelling the story in 90 second animated chunks. I’ve already finished my segment. What does it look like? Find out at the premiere of the completed film at Zeitgeist Coffee on April 4th, as part of the Pioneer Square Art Walk. This is the third event we’re doing at Zeitgeist, the second being ‘Re-Animated‘ and the first ‘Funtacular‘. This year’s event is called ‘Blood Bath & Beyond: the Little Shop of Animated Horrors – a SEAT Spectacle‘.

And that’s not all! We’re also taking the show on the road to Portland, OR on May 20th as part of both the NW Animation Festival and the Experimental Film Festival.

BUT, to make all this happen we need some funds for projectors and projector stands. We’ve created an Indiegogo fundraising campaign that just launched a few minutes ago and closes on March 14th. The video is humorous and edited by me. Find it read all about the perks if you decide to donate, here:

Get in touch if you’d like the full press release about the event and the campaign, or the flier to spread around!

Oh, and here’s the video:

Blood Bath & Beyond – Fundraising video from SEAT on Vimeo.

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