Nov 102012

What a busy day! Breakfast made by B&B host Scott (fruit, yoghurt, quiche), then two short film programs – live action dramatic shorts and then the animated short program. In the latter I saw Animation hotline by Dustin Grella, a NYC animator who uses a chalk on chalkboard technique. This excerpt below isn’t from the actual film, but is part of the same series:

To Do from Dustin Grella on Vimeo.

Also saw UK animator Julia Pott’s Belly, which I had seen before, but still blows my mind:

Belly from Julia Pott on Vimeo.

Also saw Basque animator Mikel’s film ‘Who Lasts Longer’, a dark but beautiful film about a game of chicken gone wrong. Afterwards a bunch of us found areal American diner for lunch:

Australian filmmaker Michael, Basque animator Mikel and Irish animator Tony

By the way, Tony Donoghue, who you see pictured above, showed me his film Irish Folk Furniture and I loved it. It kind of reminded me of the film I’m working on now because he was animating objects (furniture) and pixillating people (farmers) out in the environment (Irish countryside). Old furniture gets refurnished, wardrobes roam the countryside, people are interviewed and there are many chickens. Very well put together.

Then followed a pathetic attempt at organizing a trip to the beach (about a 10 min drive away), that failed because someone at the festival dropped the ball. We settled for a walk to the riverside at sunset, then sushi.

Sunset behind the battleship

In the evening I caught a very funny doc called Journey to Planet X’ – a doc about two guys in Florida who make movies, that are unintentionally hilarious and campy. Very thoughtful and honest. But preceding it was this short film by Matt Hulse that was awesome in it’s simplicity and hilarity:

This made me actually jealous because I’ve often thought I should make a film when I am visiting relatives on the New Jersey beach, but never had a good idea that could be accomplished in such a short time. Great film, Matt!

Finally there was a big party tonight at the Children’s Museum – that’s right, the festival took over a children’s museum, and basically let us roam around and play with all their toys and displays and costumes. There was even a school bus open the party goes. Kind of surreal. I spent some time talking with Alfredo, the Italian filmmaker, who told me he felt like a circus attraction as people demanded he sing Italian songs. But then he broke into song anyway, so I’m not sure how upset by this he really was.

Oh, and apparently Blue Velvet was filmed here, and the building I took a picture of in put in my previous post (the red brick building) is apparently the building where Isabella Rossellini lived. I should really re-watch that movie.

Tomorrow – hopefully a trip to the beach in the AM, then my own screening at 4:45PM!

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