Sep 102012

It’s been a whirlwind of a few days. Firstly, let me just say I am thrilled to have my suitcase back with me. This (filled with all my equipment and files of what I created this month) was mistakenly taken by one of the other artists this morning, and put on a train to New York City! Luckily we caught it in Stamford and the good staff here drove out to pick it up. It does mean I had to delay my travel plans by 4 hours, but at least I’m just taking a bus and not a plane today!

About a week ago I realized I had done about as much as I could on the animal film until getting back to Seattle, so I decided to use my last three days to make a super short short! I had a nice idea in the middle of the night and was so excited I barely got back to sleep. The next day I got up early and went walking in the woods, collecting fallen leaves, sticks, flowers, acorns, etc:

Spoils from my trample in the woods

Stone snake

I came up with a little something that I thought made sense and animated all day. It’s pretty much finished! I recorded some sound effects, and Michael Fairfax was kind enough to lend me some of his. I still need to have the music made, but it will be a sweet short film – exactly one minute! It’s called A Walk in the Woods and will be up online within a few weeks, I’m sure.

Michael Fairfax playing his Fibonacci Tree in the red barn

I finished it just in time, too, because yesterday was Open Studios. This is where we are meant to clean up our spaces and make them look presentable and we open up to the public. We had a tornado pass nearby the day before so we were afraid no one would come, but the weather became beautiful and people showed up! Including a good friend and animator who lives a two hour drive away. So nice to see her and catch up. We showed off our spaces and then gave short presentations to everyone in the common area. We had refreshments and nibbles outside and after everyone else left the artists and staff had a little celebratory champagne and take out pizza.

Fairy lights in the woods!

We then trekked out to the Pond Studio near the lake (where Michael was living this month) and had a bonfire and beers. It was really nice to have that time with the artists and Chef Jacob. Overall this month has been unforgettable and I’ve already applied to a few more residencies. Onwards to Northampton, MA for a few days to see an old friend and back to Seattle on Wednesday.


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