Feb 162010

Seattle Animation Funtacular Explosion

Thursday, March 4th 8-10PM, Zeitgeist Coffee, 171 S. Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98101

Come join us for an animation ‘mash-up’ of clips from 13 Seattle-based animators.  This is an opportunity to socialize and meet the filmmakers, five of whom are featured in the March issue of Seattle Magazine.  Free magazines for all!
All films are all or partly animated.  Most are stop-motion animation, some digital, some direct-on-film animation. All are independent animated films, or experimental in nature. Filmmakers represented are:

Sarah Jane Lapp
Amanda Moore
Salise Hughes
Britta Johnson
Otto Bulut
Webster Crowell
Stefan Gruber
Forrest Baum
Drew Cristie
Davis Limbach
Eric Ostrowski
Clyde Petersen
Tess Martin

Each filmmaker is screening 6 minutes of footage (from one or multiple films). There will be no credits or titles, though there will be signs nearby identifying films and corresponding artists.  There will be four projections total, three digital and one 16mm.  The films will be shown ‘mute’, in favor of cafe-style music.  This promises to be an exciting, one-of-a-kind event, and a great chance to see contemporary Seattle animation!

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