Sep 052012
Haddam Neck Fair/animating/Mass MOCA

Pretty busy few days. On Sunday afternoon Chef Jacob drove us to the local Labor Day Fair. There were farm animals, horse pulls, music, rides, and of course, fried food. Pretty typical all-American fair, which the non-American artists greatly appreciated experiencing. Monday was full on work. I re-shot a time lapse of a couch because [...]

Sep 022012
Back to animating

The past few days I’ve gotten back into my animation routine. This means I spend hours sitting in one position at my animation table while I listen to podcasts non-stop. I’ve caught up on This American Life and Snap Judgment, two of my favorites. What I’m working on is making the marker-animated animals that I [...]

Aug 282012
Lens flare battles

I’ve gone a little time lapse crazy over here. I’ve realized that actually these are going to be integral to my film and I’m going to have a lot of them. The concept I’m working with is having lots of time lapses with and without pets in them. And when we do see the animals, [...]

Aug 262012
Finally some more animating

This morning I went back to Spruce Bluff to take another time lapse, as the one I got yesterday was too short (camera ran out of battery!). While there I was inspired by the needle-covered floor, and took another time lapse of that. Now I’m experimenting with adding an animation of a sleeping cat to [...]

Aug 252012
Time Lapse Day

Today was time lapse day! I got up early to catch the dawn view from the kitchen door. I then trekked into the woods and took a time lapse of the Spruce Bluff, as you can see below. In the afternoon I trekked into the woods again and took two time lapses (one panned!) of [...]

Aug 222012
Mie's Trail

Today I got up early and walked a specific trail in the park called Mie’s Trail, after the artist that first forged it. There’s some lovely bits in it. My two favourites are ‘the bowl’ and ‘spruce bluff’. Might have to make some animation happen in those trees.