Apr 212011
Animation Fascination this weekend at SIFF!

This weekend SIFF is packing their cinema with rare animated features and series of short films for Animation Fascination. Check out my previous post for a detailed listing. I’m personally going to try to attend the Animation for Adults tomorrow night, NFB Animations Saturday at 5:30PM, the Mary & Max feature after it, and possibly [...]

Feb 022011
Persepolis screening at Central Cinema!

Persepolis, kick-ass animated film directed by Iranian/French graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi, is screening at Central Cinema as part of the ‘Awesome Movies Directed by Women’ series hosted by the Stranger’s Lindy West! Wow, that was a long sentence, but it had lots of good stuff in it. It’s screening on Wednesday February 9th at 7PM [...]

May 142010

Animation is in the house this month! The Secret of Kells, amazing looking Oscar-nominated animated feature (animated old-school cels way) from Ireland, is out NOW at the Metro Cinema in the U-District. It runs until Thursday May 20th (it may run later but don’t count on it). Go to see this NOW before it leaves [...]

Apr 032010
'A Moment's Reverie' playing in Portland, OR - April 29th!

You may recall my short ‘A Moment’s Reverie’ was included in a program of experimental films called Animated Art, curated by Salise Hughes, and screened at the NW Film Forum here in Seattle on January 7th. I am happy to announce that the Animated Art program is going on the road, first stop, the NW [...]

Apr 012010

I recently came across this nice NPR interview with Wes Anderson, director of the stop-motion feature Fantastic Mr. Fox, originally broadcast in November of last year: “I sort of had this thought that … I was going to make the script and work on the sets and then sort of prepare the shots and have [...]