May 292010
'Tribute' is playing at the Annex this Friday!

‘Tribute’, my stop-frame animation timed to a Beatles song, is playing at the Annex Theatre this Friday as part of the June Spin the Bottle program. It’s never been seen in Seattle! Tribute is a cut-out animation made frame by frame – it is an abstract representation of music: each instrument in the song has [...]

May 282010
Announcing Eye Candy Animation Festival, Olympia, WA!

The Eye Candy Animation Festival is an exciting one-night only event in Olympia, WA on Saturday, June 5th at 9PM.  It’s being organized by Tommy Thompson a talented, soon to be graduating student at the Evergreen State College (a school with a well-known animation department – they recently brought in Yuri Norstein). You may have [...]

May 252010
SIFF Alternatives Waves is tomorrow night!

The SIFF Alternative Waves shorts program looks really interesting, and is screening tomorrow night (Wednesday May 26th) at 9:30PM at the SIFF cinema. It looks like there’s going to be some direct-on-film animation, some time lapse/cool camera moves, and some stuff I can’t figure out from the one line description. But it all looks interesting. [...]

May 222010

e4c is 4Culture’s storefront electronic gallery and the deadline to submit works this year is coming up on Wednesday, May 26th at 5PM. I’ve been fortunate to have two of my pieces on these 4 screens that face the sidewalk. It’s great exposure because people don’t have to enter the gallery, indeed, the gallery doesn’t [...]

May 142010
'Jazzed' by Anton Setola, and Michael Dudok de Wit interview

Stumbled across this great interview with Belgian/Flemish filmmaker Anton Setola, about his new short film which is now touring the festivals called ‘Jazzed’: He talks about why he chose not to use a story with a set up and a pay off, but instead used colors, music, etc. to depict emotion. Though the stills look [...]

May 142010

Animation is in the house this month! The Secret of Kells, amazing looking Oscar-nominated animated feature (animated old-school cels way) from Ireland, is out NOW at the Metro Cinema in the U-District. It runs until Thursday May 20th (it may run later but don’t count on it). Go to see this NOW before it leaves [...]

May 132010
Capitol Hill Artwalk open studio!

My studio mates and I took part in the Capitol Hill Artwalk tonight, opening up our spaces for people to look at the work, and discuss, as well as eat nibbles and drink wine! It was awesome and we hope to do this every month, so look out for announcements! They happen every second Thursdays. [...]