Jan 312010
Red Cartoons, Disney, and William Shatner

I came across this nice Paste.com article reviewing a recently released DVD of shorts from East Germany called ‘Red Cartoon: Animated Films from East Germany. The DVD includes shorts from the East German production studio DEFA: “During its roughly 50 years of production, DEFA produced around 900 feature films and over 3000 documentaries. In a [...]

Jan 252010
Seattle Events Blog review!

The good folks at Seattle Events Blog attended our ‘Animated Art’ program at the NWFF on Jan 7th, and also found time to interview me before the show.  This review covers my piece included in the show, ‘A Moment’s Reverie’, as well as the program as a whole, with thoughts on Martha Colburn’s ‘Myth Labs’, [...]

Jan 232010
Yuri Norstein coming to Evergreen State College!

When people ask me who is your favourite animator, I say Yuri Norstein.  I know he’s relatively well-known in the independent animation community, but when I first saw his films, it was a true discovery. My art degree was in conceptual art, and the other students and teachers were concerned with installation, performance, sound and [...]

Jan 152010
'Untitled (QAR)' screening on Jan 23rd!

One of my very first films is showing in ‘Feminist Form’, a screening of work by Reel Grrls mentors organized by Stranger genius Wynne Greenwood! My film is called ‘Untitled (QAR)’ and this screening is its Seattle premiere! It’s a white on black cut-out piece, and is called ‘QAR’ because it was made on a [...]

Jan 142010

I was just talking to some animator friends about the struggle of starting the shooting section of an animated project, and came across this short I thought was quite appropriate: One Square Mile of Earth (Director: Jeff Drew; Screenwriters: Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen) is one of the animated short films in the Sundance Film [...]

Jan 082010

I was just talking last night with some animator friends about new ways to get your film out there. Here is a nice WIRED article outlining alternative methods of distribution, that includes mentions of Nina Paley’s Sita Sings the Blues and Cory McAbee’s Stingray Sam (recently on show at Seattle’s NW Film Forum). Also, thank [...]

Jan 032010

Salise Hughes, a local experimental filmmaker has put together a fabulous program called ‘Animated Art’, screening work from 18 talented animators/filmmakers. I’m proud to be in such company, as my last film, ‘A Moment’s Reverie’ will be playing alongside their films. Seriously, check out the description: “Rethinking the boundaries of animation, visual art and experimental [...]

Jan 012010

I read this great article today on ArtMatters about an important figure in African animation and cinema, who I’m embarrassed to say, I had not yet heard of.  His name is Moustapha Alassane, and he came out with the animated short ‘Aoure’ in 1962, a few years before Ousmane Sembene came out with his first [...]