Apr 212014

Mountainfilm14-official_selectionThe Whale Story continues its quest for world domination by screening in Telluride, CO as part of the Kidz Kino program at the Mountainfilm Telluride Festival. The event takes place on May 26th, 2014.


MUFF21It also screens at the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival May 1-4 in Milwaukee, WI.


WOD_circular_logo_BlackAnd last but not least, it screens on June 8 as part of the World Oceans Day Film Festival at the Honolulu Museum of Art in Hawaii!


Apr 192014
Thank you Amsterdam and Brussels!

I just returned from Brussels where Cinema Nova hosted a screening of Strange Creatures: Contemporary Independent Animation from Seattle. The event went super well and Cinema Nova is a very cool place. If you’re ever in Brussels, be sure to check it out! Their large cinema was pretty full and the audience was receptive. They [...]

Apr 082014
Children's Festival films spread wide!

The Children’s Film Festival Seattle is making sure its films get seen by people the world over! In addition to touring the Best of Fest programs (The Whale Story is included in the Animation program and has so far screened at seven locations outside Seattle) the festival also promotes other programs it curated. For example, [...]

Apr 052014
One Night in Florida premieres in Florida!

My short about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case called One Night in Florida had its world premiere last month at the Holland Animation Film Festival. But I’m excited that it is having its North American premiere in Florida, at the Sunscreen Film Festival, May 1-4 in St. Petersburg. I would love to attend and see [...]