Exquisite Corpse (2012)

Exquisite Corpse is a collective film made by seven Seattle animators in an ‘exquisite corpse’ style. Each animator selected a slip of a paper from a hat, designating the start and end images of their segment. We were not allowed to discuss with each other the style of animation we were using, or the story we were creating between those two images. Once completed, our segments were strung together appropriately, to create a funny, diverse experimental film. The participating animators were: myself, Otto Bulut, Eric Ostrowski, Stefan Gruber, Salise Hughes, Clyde Petersen and Webster Crowell. The slips of paper were determined by Salise Hughes.

This film was premiered at an Art Walk event in March 2012 at Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square in Seattle, called Re-Animated. This was the second such ‘social screening’ hosted by the Seattle Experimental Animation Team. Below you can watch the full film and a documentation video from the event:

Nov 022012

Super excited about the Short Run small press fest happening tomorrow from 10:30AM to 5:30PM at the VERA project. The Seattle Experimental Animation Team will be screening some work in the animation room, specifically the Exquisite Corpse collective film, which includes my short film Hula Hoop. Other shorts by young women from Reel Grrls will be screened, as well as Stefan Gruber’s shorts at 3PM. Tim Miller will also be doing a performance involving live animation at 12:30PM. Plus all the cool hand made books! So many reasons to stop by!

Apr 162012
SEAT Artist Talk at Cornish

Seven members of the Seattle Experimental Animation Team (including yours truly) will be showing and talking about their work at this open-to-the-public (and free!) Cornish event. It is Friday, April 20th, 7PM-9PM. The event will start with some mingling as a recent SEAT collective film is screened in the background. Details here:http://www.facebook.com/events/286425391432681/

Mar 142012

SEAT now has their own Vimeo page. The first thing uploaded is the collective Exquisite Corpse film we made and premiered on March 1st at the amazing Re-Animated event at Zeitgeist coffee. This event was part of the March 2012 Pioneer Square Art Walk, and the film was animated by myself, Otto Bulut, Eric Ostrowski, [...]